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Sarah's Adventure

The Trip

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The whole trip was amazing.   We got to do so many activities. The thing that I liked the most was the Great Barrier Reef and the Moonlit Sanctuary. Those two were my favorite.  Wow!  The Great Barrier Reef was amazing, but in 20 years it may be gone.   We can help our ocean by not throwing trash on the ground or in the water.  This may help save the fish and the coral. The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest reef in the world and I don't want it to disappear.

The Moonlit Sanctuary was awesome.  There were so many cute and cool animals. There was a wombat by the name of Rita.  There were also wallabies and so many of them.  There were even other animals that we did not get to see.

Everything was great and went well. The whole trip was fun, educational and amazing.

when we got home

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I got home at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon on Monday. Flight was late an hour due to a torado warning that was in the area. One landed in East Aurora and did some damage to some homes and the shopping center but not at the airport. It just delayed the flight from landing. I was so tired I could fall asleep right there. I was so happy to go home. I missed my mom and dad so much because I could not stand not seeing them for two weeks. I have 35 bug bits .When we got to Denver airport my mom and dad got me a flower and a balloon. The balloon said woo hoo! I was so excited to see my dog and my cats. My dog was so excited to see me because I am like her person she will never leave me alone. I love her so much. Then, we had to go to my neice's birthday party. It was fun but I was tired. We got a mp4player case for her and her parents got her the mp4player. It also can play movies. As the day ended we're watching TV. I also had three more days of school when I got home. On my 1st day back we watched a movie called National Treasures. Tuesday was just a normal day and my last day was got to go to Bison Park and had an end of year party. I will be going into the 6th grade next year and I hope it is good as the 5th grade.


Friday, June 5, 2009

On our 11th day, we had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. We got to play in the water while other people were on a boat. We had an hour before the boat got back. Then, when we got to the other side we got really wet and we had to change before we got on the bus. We had a hour and a half before we got to Reef HQ. I slept most of the time. When we got there we reviewed the data and Dr. Dani put it in graphs. After that, we went to the mall and I got a shirt for my dad. It has a crocodile on it. When we where all done shopping Mrs.Jensen got us all ice cream but it was only the Colorado kids that she got the ice cream for. When we got to the hotel Sophie and I went to go get some candy and that is how our day ended.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

On our seventh day here on our trip, we got to do many fun and exciting things. We went to watch the sunrise. It was the most beautiful and pretty thing that I have seen in my life. The sunrise looked like the sun glaring on the Uluru rock. Then, we went to the watering hole. It was really pretty. After that, we went to ride camels but we did not get to ride them for a hole 30 minutes and we only got to ride it for 2 minutes. It was really fun riding on the camel. One of the camels was nice and the other growled when people got on his. That day was awesome and I wish we could ride the camel longer.

Banana Processing

On our 8th day here was a special day. We got to got to a banana processing factor. It was amazing that there was so many bananas. I have not seen so many bananas I my entire life. I did not know that bananas where flowers did you know that. On our way to see these bananas we got to ride on a banana transport wagon. We were the first people to ride on this wagon. Then we got to go to a waterfall and there was a spider about 3 inches wide and 3 and a half inches long. After that we had a 2 hour bus ride to get to reef HQ. At the end of the day we got to practice snorkeling and it was really cold. It was a fun day and also cool.

Orpheus Island

On the 10th day here, it was really fun we got to go snorkeling twice. The first time we went snorkeling, before we did we had to ride on a fairy to get to Orpheus Island.
It was a 30 minutes to get to the Island. After we got to the island, we had to walk to go snorkeling. I got a cut by the coral and after I cleaned it, it stung really bad. Then we went and had lunch. I had a mayo, cheese, turkey, and chicken sandwich. After that, we went back in the ocean and instead of walking we got to ride a boat but we did have to walk a little. Then we went snorkeling again. After we were done with our data we got to just swim around. I had a lot of fun doing canon balls. When we got back from snorkeling, Sophie and I where in the ocean for a little while longer. As some of us watched the sunset fall on our tenth day this was my most favorite day here.

Our Day at Healesville Sanctuary

Friday, May 29, 2009

Today, we visited the Healesville Sanctuary. One of the first things we did was sit down and spend time learning about Sugar Gliders. They normally live about 5 years. We were able to touch one and the fur was very soft. They have a sweet tooth and this Sugar Glider had only one tooth! She loved the nectar we fed her.

Next, we went to visit the Bilby. This animal likes fruit and we had to feed him using a stick because he was not used to people and can sometimes be mean. The Bilby is black with a few white spots on his back. He is also nocturnal and his cage was dark.

Today we also got to see an operation on a Kangaroo. All of the Colorado kids went behind the scenes to watch up close. This operation was called an autopsy and they were trying to figure out how the kangaroo died. We never figured it out, because we ran out of time.

When we were at the sanctuary, we also got to see a birds of prey show. Most of the birds flew low. There were all sorts of birds like eagles, buzzards, and owls. Before the show started there were some birds that were wild and were flying around, but they weren't suppose to be there. They scared the birds in the show a little.

And that was the end of day 3 at the Healesville Sanctuary, where we got to do a lot of things.

Essential Programs Details

Duration 14 days
When May 25th - June 7th, 2009
Focus Marine Biology
Aboriginal Culture