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Sarah's Adventure

when we got home

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I got home at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon on Monday. Flight was late an hour due to a torado warning that was in the area. One landed in East Aurora and did some damage to some homes and the shopping center but not at the airport. It just delayed the flight from landing. I was so tired I could fall asleep right there. I was so happy to go home. I missed my mom and dad so much because I could not stand not seeing them for two weeks. I have 35 bug bits .When we got to Denver airport my mom and dad got me a flower and a balloon. The balloon said woo hoo! I was so excited to see my dog and my cats. My dog was so excited to see me because I am like her person she will never leave me alone. I love her so much. Then, we had to go to my neice's birthday party. It was fun but I was tired. We got a mp4player case for her and her parents got her the mp4player. It also can play movies. As the day ended we're watching TV. I also had three more days of school when I got home. On my 1st day back we watched a movie called National Treasures. Tuesday was just a normal day and my last day was got to go to Bison Park and had an end of year party. I will be going into the 6th grade next year and I hope it is good as the 5th grade.


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