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Sarah's Adventure

Our Day at Healesville Sanctuary

Friday, May 29, 2009

Today, we visited the Healesville Sanctuary. One of the first things we did was sit down and spend time learning about Sugar Gliders. They normally live about 5 years. We were able to touch one and the fur was very soft. They have a sweet tooth and this Sugar Glider had only one tooth! She loved the nectar we fed her.

Next, we went to visit the Bilby. This animal likes fruit and we had to feed him using a stick because he was not used to people and can sometimes be mean. The Bilby is black with a few white spots on his back. He is also nocturnal and his cage was dark.

Today we also got to see an operation on a Kangaroo. All of the Colorado kids went behind the scenes to watch up close. This operation was called an autopsy and they were trying to figure out how the kangaroo died. We never figured it out, because we ran out of time.

When we were at the sanctuary, we also got to see a birds of prey show. Most of the birds flew low. There were all sorts of birds like eagles, buzzards, and owls. Before the show started there were some birds that were wild and were flying around, but they weren't suppose to be there. They scared the birds in the show a little.

And that was the end of day 3 at the Healesville Sanctuary, where we got to do a lot of things.


steve said...

looks like all of you all having a great time cool, e-mail me baby i love you dad

Stacey said...

Hi Sarah looks like you are having lots of fun. The pictures are great. Like the one with the snake. I am taking pictures to work everyday to show everyone what you are doing. I try to fine on that is really neat. Well talk with you later.
Love you

Mrs. Prudhomme said...

Sarah, This is your class. We just looked at your blog and pictures. It looks like you are having a blast! We miss you and can't wait to see you and hear about your trip. We thought the sunrise on the rock was an awesome picture. We wish we could be there with you. We were wondering if the gigantic snake felt weird. What kind of snake was it? We're still learning about the 50 states and regions and are finishing our state projects. We're also sooooo excited for the states and capitals test (not really). Did you get to swim in the Ocean? We'll see you next week! Love, your awesome classmates (and teacher, of course).

Sarah said...

The snake did fell weird and it was cool. I think it was a constrictor. I did get to swim in the ocean and I kept getting salt water in my snorkel.I also got cut by a coral.

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